Virtual Private Server Hosting from JoinVPS

Wikipedia says that “a virtual private server (VPS, also referred to as Virtual Dedicated Server or VDS) is a method of splitting a server. Each virtual server can run its own full-fledged operating system, and each server can be independently rebooted”. VPS hosting is a hosting services that provide a VPS. About VPS, one of cheap VPS hosting services explain that VPS is a kind of hosting that allows the separation of server isolated resources by means of еру virtualization technology. One physical server is split into multiple independent virtual machines.

Advantage of this technology is partitioning of users within the server. Each user is free to manage his own VPS, install specific software and allocate system resources among processes. In case of VPS system faults, the user can reboot the VPS by himself, which does not affect the physical server performance. One more feature that can be realized on the virtual hosting is your own IP-address. You do not share it with somebody else. Each VPS has its own IP-address, and you can order additional ones. There is no limit to the number of sites, data bases, domain zones, ssh/ftp/e-mail users.

Now, many hosting companies are providing VPS hosting services. One of them is JoinVPS, a cheap VPS hosting. JoinVPS.Com offers advanced VPSs at affordable prices. They are easy to purchase, install and use. We will be satisfied with their virtualization system. They offers VPS in six packages, so you can choose the package based on your needs. First package, call VPS-1, was offered with only $5.95 per month, you can get 3 Gb disk spaces, 100 Gb bandwidths and 500 MHz CPU speed. And with the top package (VPS-6) , you will get 25 Gb disk spaces and 600 Gb bandwidths. That is great! Besides that, JoinVPS also offering unlimited VPS hosting with only $25 per month. You can find the complete packages here.

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  1. Virtual private server can also be called as virtual dedicated server as they technically work like dedicated server but on virtual shared server which give a lot of room to have the privacy and control over the website and virtual private servers are very cheap an efficient. Its also called as one of the cheap hosting services available in the market.

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