Buku Gratis dari Berbagai Sumber

Disini disajikan beberapa buku gratis yang berasal dari berbagai sumber. Maksud dari buku gratis disini adalah buku yang memang secara resmi didistribusikan secara gratis oleh penulis, penerbit atau penanggung jawab buku tersebut. Jadi bukan buku atau ebook “bajakan” yang didistribusikan gratis. Buku gratis yang disajikan hanya yang berkaitan dengan teknologi informasi dan komputer.

Daftar berikut ini akan selalu ditambah. Jika pengunjung memiliki informasi buku gratis yang belum tercantum di daftar berikut ini, silahkan mengusulkannya melalui form komentar yang tersedia. Semoga bermanfaat.

The CSS Animations Pocket Guide (By Val Head)


CSS animations open up a whole new way to look at and use CSS to bring motion to the web in creative ways. This Pocket Guide is designed to help you jump into using CSS @keyframe animations in your own projects, providing a strong foundation on which to start experimenting and creating.

In this book Val covers the basics of CSS @keyframe animations, walking you through a series of examples, and discussing practical considerations for dealing with browsers and fallbacks. You’ll have everything you need to start playing with CSS @keyframe animations in just a couple of hours.

Download: Link Utama

The Guide to Wireframing: For Designers, PMs, Engineers and Anyone Who Touches Product

the-bookIn this book, I share a wide breadth of examples, comparisons, frameworks, references and insights to help you better utilize wireframes in your product design and development process.

I talk about basic concepts like who uses wireframes, what’s their purpose and how you can use them. I also detail the many types of wireframes you can create, and the types of tools used to create them. For more experienced readers, I’ve also laid out the top web and mobile wireframe example and pattern sources, and highlight some of the best web and mobile UI design patterns that have cropped up in the past few years. Finally, I cover design principles that are hopefully helpful as you  wireframe and, ultimately, build products.

–Chris Bank–

Download: Link UtamaLink Alternatif 1



  1. Pak ahmad…buku gratis yang mengenai css & java script….blum ada ya…??? tlng ya pak…., terimakasih. wasssalam.

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